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A hero is a symbol of bravery and honor, she or he is a person that have all of the good qualities of humanity, decency, respect, pride, and the pursuit of peace and equality. A hero is not so highly pressurized person with ideals of astronomical performances of deadly feats and/or taking on deadly foes. A hero Is a person who comes to the rescue of another person or animal who has ended up In a risky To begin with, in World War II 50-70 million people died due to the situation. Inflicts. When you take into account of the number, It Is the whole population of the united Kingdom losing their lives. 80% of the soviet males born In 1923 TLD survive, this led to economic problems for the country post war. During WI the women were first used within the military by England. Due to the time of period this Is seen as a bold step by the British however women began to utilize wealth the military set up within this period. In the World War II, the leaders of the allies were Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

They have become legends In their respective countries for decisions within the war, and the decisions which impacted the lives of many. Franklin held the presidency from 1934-1945, leading the united States through the great depression and World War II. Franklin legislative program, the New Deal, greatly expanded the role of the federal government in American society. Winston Churchill ;on the other hand”, led Britain’s fight against Nazi Germany in World War II. Winston was a talented orator, giving many speeches to boost national morale during the war.


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