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What do you see coming next for this person? B. Journey to war 3. What would cause the person to leave this stage, to “leave home” c. To replace her father, due to old age and health 4. What is the person doing when the call comes? Is it an accident, a blunder, something planned, or hoped for? Is it anticipated or dreaded. D. Dreaded, accidental, cannot bring honor to family. Summary: Due to the Hung attacking, Mullah’s father is recruited regardless of his old age and health.

Manual worries about her father’s health, dresses up like a man, and takes his place in the army. She believes that she cannot bring honor to the family, because of what the matchmaker has told her. It Is unanticipated, and accidental. Refusal of the Call 1. Does the hero refuse the call? A. No 2. Is the person ready to leave home, to accept adult status? If not, why? B. No, she is still young, and doesn’t take everything seriously Summary: Manual does not refuse the call to leave for war. She is not accepted as an adult yet, because she is still young, and doesn’t take everything seriously.

Supernatural Aid 1 . What special friends or helpers does the hero have? A. Mush, and Crib eke 2. Does the hero receive some magical help, advice, or talisman from someone wise and benevolent? B. Mush 3. Is there someone who helps them prepare to leave on their journey? C. No 4. Is it a one-time assistance or will the helper/helpers appear throughout the journey? D. All through out the movie 5. Is the helper an internal aspect of the hero? E. Crib-eke resembles her luck f. Mush resembles how people don’t think she is capable of doing things, but in the end surprises them Summary:

Mush the dragon, and Crib-eke help lead Manual through the Journey. Mush gives her advice on how to be a man, and prove that she Is worthy enough for the army. Mush and Cry-eke help her throughout the Journey. They resemble her luck, and power. The Crossing of the First Threshold 1. What world Is being left; what world Is being entered? A. The world of peace; the world of war b. Nothing 3. What obstacles must the hero overcome to truly begin the Journey? Of home, personality, and physical limits. 4. What events cause the person to cross the threshold? C. Limits d.

Wanting to help her family, and show that she can bring honor to her family 5. What is the threshold and how does the person cross it? E. Takes father’s armor, and leaves for war Manual is leaving behind a world of peace for the world of war. There is nothing guarding the threshold, Manual must overcome the limits of home, personality, and physical limits. Manual crosses the threshold because she wants to show her family and everyone else that she can bring honor to her family. Manual crosses it by taking her father’s armor and leaving for war. The Belly of the Whale 1 .

Is the person ready to transform? Does he or she enter the belly of the whale willingly, or is he or she thrust of captured in that place? A. Ready to transform, enters willingly 2. What self is being left? The self of childhood? Of incomplete or unfulfilled adulthood? An outgrown self? B. Childhood; needs to act like a grown up more often. 3. What self is the person moving toward? C. Adulthood 4. What will symbolize this stage in the story? D. Climbing the pole and retrieving the arrow. Manual is ready to transform, and enters the threshold willingly.

Her childhood is Ewing let behind as she acts more like a grown up. Climbing the pole and retrieving the arrow symbolizes moving toward adulthood. The Road of Trials 1 . Given this person’s background and experience, what kinds of trials or ordeals make sense for him or her? What would be truly challenging for this person? Becoming Ping b. Defeating the Hunks c. Emotions towards Sang 2. What does the person fear and how will this fear be represented to him or her? D. She fears people will find out she is a girl, 3.

Does the person have some personality or character traits that will be mirrored sack to him or her in a challenging way? E. Yes, cleverness and kindness 4. What strategies, skills, insights, known or unknown strengths or talents, etc. , do the person use or develop to survive or resolve these trials? F. Kindness and strengths 5. What assistance, seen or unseen does the person have or receive to deal with these trials? G. Mush, Crib-Eke. Defeating the Hunks, and controlling emotions towards Sang. Throughout the trials Manual fears of being caught as a girl in the war.

Her cleverness, kindness, and strength are developed and used to survive the trials. Manual doesn’t face these trails by herself; she has the assistance of Mush and Crib-eke. The Meeting with the Goddess 1. How will this step be represented in the story? A. IL Sang 2. Does the person have a soul mate, another half? Does an all loving god or goddess, or non-gendered but supremely loving force make itself known to the b. Yes, she falls in love w/ IL Sang person? 3. Can the person accept and/or identify with the ultimate creative/ destructive nature of the universe? C. Yes 4.

Does the person begin to understand or experience the union of opposites, for example spiritual/material, good/bad, male/female, life/death, etc. D. While in the camp she notices how different men are to girls Summary: Woman as the Temptress 1 . Given this person’s background and experience, what kinds of temptations make sense for him or her? A. The liking of IL Sang b. Cleverness 2. Is this person on a spiritual Journey, will he or hues experience the temptations of the flesh? C. Yes, everyone is 3. Are there habitual patterns of thought or behavior that serve to undermine, or tempt the person from his or her path?


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