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Most Best Westerns are also rider-friendly due to their partnership with Harley Davidson. According to the Best Western website, Best Western Is for a better world. They participate In different satellites Including: poverty relief, disaster response, education, and green initiatives. Best Western is currently utilizing a variety of social media platforms. The platforms that they use include Backbone, Twitter, Mainstream, Pinsetters, Google Plus, Youth, and they have a blob. Best Western does a good Job at being active on all of their social media platforms, but Twitter and Backbone are by far the most active.

Best Western utilizes Backbone and Twitter at the minimum dally, but on most days Best Western posts on Twitter and Backbone multiple times. Mainstream and Google plus are used more as a supplemental account. They have fewer followers on these accounts and do not post on these as often, but they still utilize these accounts. Best Western also uses its Pinsetters and blob as supplemental social media platforms, but in a different way. It appears as these social media platforms are Just to stimulate business. Best Western uses the accounts to post travel ideas and suggestions. Finally, Youth Is another supplemental social media platform.

This Is the least used of all of them. It seems to be used to Just keep the public updated on new innovations. After studying Best Western throughout the semester, I have noticed that Best Western posts a lot of pictures of its hotels in different countries, focusing itself internationally. It also focuses on deferent philanthropies on an international level. The goal of the Thank Your Hero campaign will to be focus more on things in the united States focusing specifically on thanking the military for what they do and paving them opportunities to have a weekend out visiting and having fun with their family.

The United States military does a lot for its country and what allowed Best Western to grow to the point it is at is its start in the United States and its focus on family. Major Opponents of Best Western, like Holiday Inn, also focus on family. Holiday Inn always offers children stay free making It easier for family to travel Considering this, the target market for the Thank Your Hero campaign will be families. More specifically, families that are associated with the military. Those in the litany choose to spend months away from their family and it would be nice for them to be able to spend time with their family.

Research Research is one of the most important aspects of any campaign. It is important to be aware of all aspects of the campaign and research is the way to do this. First, I would look into who is participating in conversation with Best Western. If it is the target audience, we will continue the same method of communication. If it is not, I will try to find a way to better target our target audience. Next, I will consider ways to more target all families, not Just military families. While the major goal of the campaign is to thank the military it is important not to discard all the other potential consumers.

It is very beneficial to in some way to recognize all families. When creating campaigns it is important to what areas you are strong in and weak in. It is also important to know you opportunities and strengths. Every social media plan has all of these. Best Western is very active on many media platforms. This in most cases is a good thing, but it also has the potential to be bad. In the table below, the different aspects of Best Westerns social media presence is outlined. SOOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Best Western posts regularly on all of its social media platforms.

Best Western energize its consumers by hosting many contests. Best Western nearly always responds to consumer feedback; whether negative or positive. There is a good balance of words and images. There is a lack of consumer response, unless it is a complaint or compliment. Best Western does not seem to actually reply to a lot of consumer posts. They favorite, like, or rewet. Each social media site seems to be targeted to a specific purpose. Meaning, they do not work together in the best ways. Opportunities Threats Best Western can interact with consumers more easily through their social media.

Best Western can make the public more aware of events. Best Western can more easily let the public know of philanthropies, while generating participation. Other hotel chains utilize social media in a better way. Already interested in Best Western. I chose to name the campaign “Thank Your Hero” for multiple reasons. First, the name of the campaign tells you what the point of the campaign is right of the back. Next, the name is short, simple, and to the point. You cannot easily forget it because t is so direct. Finally, it also tells the people who are being targeted in three words.

Those who are in the military or know someone in the military may look at it. Hostage are used regularly now. They can really aid in any campaign, and help the company know who is interested in what you are doing. Choosing a washrag for this campaign was easily done. It is #Thunderously. It is simple, easily remembered, and Just to the point. Action The Thank Your Hero campaign is designed to let the public know that Best Western is still interested in where it got its start and that it realizes the important ole that the military plays in the United States.

The campaign will target those in the United States and not Just the military. Throughout the duration of this campaign, children under 13 will be able to stay in any Best Western in the United States for free when accompanied by an adult. This will be to target all families, including military. This will be posted on Best Western social networks on a regular basis. Throughout the duration of the campaign rewards members will be encouraged to donate their rewards points to military families. To encourage members to do this, Best Western will offer double reward points on the next three separate stays with Best Western.

The rest of the campaign will consist of contests. Each week Best Western will ask for people to tell us about their hero. They can do so in a Picture, Tweet, Instigated, or any way they think would be best on any social network. They Just have to make sure to do so by directly tagging Best Western and using the #Thunderously. Each week one entry will be selected to earn a free two night stay with Best Western. At the end of the contest, on Veterans Day one of the weekly winners will be selected to eave a free Disney weekend.

This will include a maximum of five people or spouse and kids to be flown to Disney World and stay at a Best Western hotel. Where they will have a weekend at Disney World completely paid for. Communication (See social media calendar) Evaluation At the end of the Thank Your Hero campaign, Best Western will look at over all participation. They will look at this by looking at the amount of #Thunderously and the amount of people who donated reward points. They will also look at the amount of likes and followers they have gained (or lost) and compare the growth in the months of the campaign to the average growth in the months before.

If they do it in this manner, they will be able to tell if the growth is able to be attributed to the campaign or normal growth. Assessment Over the course of this class I have learned a few things about my client. They are an international chain and have a strong social media network. They appear to care hosting a lot of contests. It also worked well for them that in most cases they respond to their consumers when there was a complaint or compliment. What did not work well for them was that sometimes their responses did not fix he issue the customer was having.

In most cases it was the same issue. The actual hotel was not doing anything about it and since Best Western is individually owned. The corporation could not do anything. What also did not work well for them was Just the way they utilized their networks. Youth specifically does not gain a lot of response and in some cases people are not going to watch a video over three minutes. If they are going to utilize Youth they need to make it something that people will want to see and post links to videos in their more active social networks. References Best Western (2014).


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