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American heroes The values of a culture are reflected in Its heroes. Compare the representations of American heroism In To Kill a Mockingbird and The Searchers. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird and the film The Searchers both show representations of American heroism. This Is through the characters Ethan Edwards and Tactics Finch. They both represent the values of American culture. Although both characters have heroic qualities such as taking on challenges that no one else will accept and being resourceful and brave in significant ways their values are different.

Tactics is a family man while Ethan is not. Tactics fights for what he believes In and wants racial equality. Ethan on the other hand is full of hate against the Native Americans. The greater hero of these two in my opinion is Tactics Finch, This is because Tactics’ values are still held today and have relation to today’s issues. In the film the searchers Ethan Edwards values was hard work and humility, he is also a very prejudice character with strong racial hatred for the Native Indian Americans.

Western heroes and Western American heroes of this time were men that were local amen or enforcement officers, ranchers, army officers, cowboys, territorial marshals or skilled fast- draw gunfighter. Ethan Edwards was a masculine person of Integrity and principle, which was independent in his actions. Some of the other characteristics that relate Ethan Edwards to an American hero is the he could face danger alone and outlaw the other antagonist and had an expert display of physical skills like horse-handling and gun-play. I’ll believe that when I see it” is a quote that Ethan Edwards repeats many time throughout the film, this is shown to be Ethan Ewing the bigger man and knowing what can be done and what can’t be done and that he won’t believe it until he sees it with his own eyes. Ethan helps tell us the setting of the film by his heroism, this is at the start when he comes back from war which Is ought to be the civil war that automatically takes us back to the 1868, a few years after the war. Ethan Edwards Is positioned more Into the Western hero compared to American hero and this Is displayed through the film the searchers.

Many of Ethan values and attitudes are not held in today’s society this is one reason why I don’t see Ethan as the bigger hero. In the novel to kill a mockingbird the character Tactics has more modern ways of showing an American hero, this is through the father figure and has very different attitudes and values about racial prejudice compared to the people in his community. Tactics finch is a very fair character that never hid anything and did what he believed was right, this made him noble and respected by most people.

This relates to the American heroes of this era, American heroes at the time had the characteristics of laws of society and can ideates the rules of morality at any time, they also live by their own codes. Tactics finch always had a saying “You’ll never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. Until you climb Inside of his skin and walk around In It. ” This quote helps demonstrate the fairness of Tactics finch, because he never Judged someone or something before experiencing what they are positioned in before This is what made Tactics a noble and well respected person in his community and in the novel.

Tactics is a very loyal person to his family and his community, he is a hero which is driven by what he believes in and will pursue anything to change racial equality. Tactics is more of a hero in my eyes because he is a modern hero in that many of his attitudes and values are still held today. Through the novel and film these two characters Ethan and Tactics have represented the values of American culture through the decades, these are through similarities and differences of Ethan and Tactics.

The similarities of these characters are family, another one of the similarities between these two characters is loyalty, this is through the loyalty of amply. Tactics demonstrates this through his love for his children and that he would do anything to keep them safe and happy, and Ethan even though he has no family he still thinks that he was accepted into Marsh’s family he shows this through Debbie has been “contaminated” by the Native Americans he still want to find her because she is still related to the one he loves Martha.

One of the major differences between these two characters was racial prejudice, all though in the novel to kill a mockingbird Tactics Finch wants racial equality, this is shown through the character mom Robinson and that even though he was a colored man he still did everything that he believe he could to protect him. “Once they have been touched there contaminated” said Ethan, even though Tactics was trying to change racial quality Ethan attitude is very much different basically opposite in that he didn’t want to have anything to do with the Native American and any chance he had he would get rid of them.

Another difference between the two characters is violence; this is when Ethan is positioned into more of the western hero, because he is willing to use violence to love any problems he is having or anything that is in his way. This is different attitude to Tactics this is because he doesn’t believe in any violence, and shows this through his children throughout the film, especially to scout and he disappointed with her every time she had a fight at school and told her that it wasn’t right to fight.

In conclusion there are many differences between Tactics finch and Ethan Edwards through violence and the thoughts of racial conflict, but at the same time there are similarities between these characters through family and loyalty. As stated before I ell that Tactics is the greater hero out of the two of them this because more of Tactics values is still held today in that there is racial equality of most of the states, compared to Ethan which has more of the western hero compared to the American hero.

What sort of people are heroes? – place in context Race Post war What is valued about them? What does this tell us about America? Do these values hold sway today? – America in mid late sass How to start look at what was happening in the late sass Then look at tactics and Ethan Plan Notes Draft Final draft Good copy What sort of people are heroes? The civil rights movement in sass challenged racism in America and made the country a more Just and humane society for all.

Around this time heroes of the black raise was people like Rosa parks and martin Luther. The heroes of this time had the characteristics of laws of society and can sidestep the rules of morality at any time, they also live by their own code. 1st paragraph – the values of Ethan 2nd paragraph – the values of Tactics 3rd paragraph – compare the religion of them both In the movie the searchers Ethan Edwards was a prejudice person with his values, his is because in the 1956 the Indian civil war was going on. Research what that was – expand on this Then go on to say how that helps explain Ethan Edwards attitudes and values – use the Indian civil war and the attitudes and values that were going on. Say whether these values still hold today. In to kill a mockingbird Tactics finch was a person, this is because he had different values to most people about racial prejudice. – explain why and why was some people were the same Explain what was going on at this time in the world ‘ Say whether these values are still hold today.


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