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When it comes to the topic of heroes, many people Immediately think of Spenserian, Superman, or Batman. These superheroes are admired for their special abilities that normal people don’t have. They help bring Justice to the world. Yet In reality, a hero Is a person who is admired for his or her achievements and qualities. Spenserian, Superman, and Batman are superheroes, but it really doesn’t matter whether or not a person has superpowers or not. Anyway, the superheroes are Just made-up from the creator’s imagination. Although it isn’t known, everybody in the world has a capability to be a hero.

However, not everybody becomes a hero because a person has to make one’s own choices on whether or not to do good or evil. Today’s true heroes should be historical heroes, personal heroes, or people Just helping out In the community. The historical heroes are the ones that helped make the world like it is today. There are many people from the past who are important people in the world even today because they influenced the whole society. Almost everyone in the united States, especially African Americans, knows about Martin Luther King Jar. He was an extraordinary man because he made a huge Impact on society.

He helped African Americans peacefully fight for their rights and be integrated with the rest of the people instead of being segregated. Eventually, the African Americans received their rights thanks to the speeches and all Martin Luther King Junior had contributed in the efforts to be as equal as another person. There was also the women’s civil rights act in which the women protested so they could be able to vote. The women also received their rights. That Is one type of hero: one that helps make a historical Impact on society. However, there are also other people In present day who can help make a gig impact of this world.

The historical heroes are remembered today as the ones who made the world how it is today, making a true hero. There are people in present-day life that can also make a huge impact on society. They are the personal heroes. The person who best demonstrates a personal hero are the firefighters and soldiers. On September 1 1, 2001 , the firefighters came to the rescue to help the people that were trapped In the fire. They aren’t respected a lot because they don’t receive high pay; however, firefighters deserve the most respect that could be given out of someone.

Soldiers also were the personal heroes. They had to go to war with Iraq and stay away from their loved ones in order to defend the nation. Not so recently, there were articles in the newspaper that kept talking about a certain soldier by the name of Jessica Lynch. She was a soldier that was injured In the war with Iraq because her truck accidentally went the wrong way and got captured. She was a hero in the way that she chose a path to defend the nation from other harmful nations. Both the firefighters and soldiers have a thing in common: their lives are almost always at risk.

They could die from their Job and it could be a painful death. Yet they were the ones that chose the Job, which shows that their courage is unwavering. A person doesn’t necessarily need to be a firefighter or a soldier to be a hero. Just trying to do acts of good to others would make one a hero In a special way. Food to the homeless, etc. If people can help other people or contribute to help clean up the area, then those people are heroes, nevertheless it doesn’t matter if a person is or isn’t a firefighter or soldier. If a person does something nice in the world, then that makes a small difference.

On Sunday, November 2, 2003, there was an article in the Washington Post Parade section in which a hero that helped out in a community was depicted due to his tremendous acts. He was a rich man who decided to help teach at Marshall Fundamental, a poor public school, consisting mostly of Hispanics and African-Americans in Los Angels. There were not many students from that school that went to college. Then Sundae came and made almost all the students there to take AP classes, encouraging all of the students to work hard in his classes even if the school lacked materials needed. Doing this helped the school out immensely.

The number of students passing the AP classes rose from 37 students in 1997 to 187 students last year. The percent of students that graduated from college rose from 57% to 88%. Contributing in that way made Sundae special and a hero because he let more people have a good future. The author of the author, David Oliver Reline, quoted, “Despite limited resources, Roy Sundae helped transform John Marshall Fundamental Secondary School into one of the country’s (United States) most-improved high schools. ” It is true that not everyone in the world can make that gig of a difference due to the fact that not everyone is a teacher or even a doctor.

People could still help out nevertheless if they’re a doctor [teacher or not. True, people may think that a small gift of kindness can’t make a huge impact on the world. However, not Just one person does the nice contribution towards the community. Sometimes one person may do so by donating his or her car to some type of organization to prevent cancer or to help children. Not all the time will it be like that. A lot of people may contribute something to make a difference. The world is not made of all bad people. Even so, bad people still have the potential to contribute something good inside them into the community.

So when a lot of people do nice acts towards the community, then that may make a HUGE impact. In that case, there are many types of heroes that can be found in the world (ex. Martin Luther King Jar. , firemen, Mother Teresa, etc. ). Again, people Just think that the celebrities or the people who get the Nobel Peace Prize are the heroes and that they themselves are not. That is not true because everyone has the capability to be a hero. If any person has noticed, all of today’s true roes have chosen a step on whether or not to try to be a hero.

And that all the heroes have done one thing in common: they helped other people out. In reality, there are some bad guys so not everyone is a hero, yet even bad guys can be heroes if they try. The person can try, at least, to be a person that can help others out because that is being a hero. A person doesn’t have to necessarily be historically famous or a personal hero like a firemen, policemen, or soldier. Because of people thinking they’re not heroes and not trying to help out in the community, all that there will be of heroes are the celebrities.


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