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Both the Inhabitant and the Epic of Galoshes are ancient stories with a heroic character at their center. Aragua and Galoshes are both on some sort of Journey and display qualities of a traditional literary hero, but in my opinion, Aragua is the more hero-like man. Aragua is incredibly disciplined. While being trained with his brothers and cousins by the great teacher Drone, he is the only one who can focus singularly on his target and shoot it with his bow.

He is also selfless, for when Aragua wins the hand of the Princess during an archery competition he shares his wife with his four brothers, like his mother asked. Most heroes possess a special set of skills that helps them in their quest, and Aragua definitely fulfills that requirement. While training, Aragua hits his target perfectly and his guru, Drone, tells him that “No man in the world shall be your peer as an archer! ” Aragua also has a strong sense of duty, which is critical for most heroes.

When he is questioning whether or not he should fight against his cousins, he calls out to his teacher and great-uncle: “Krishna, how can I fight against Babyish and Drone with arrows when they deserve my worship? It is better in this world to beg for scraps of food than to eat meals smeared with the blood of elders I killed. ” Krishna then explains to Aragua the concept of Dharma, or cosmic duty, and he follows through with the war and regains the kingdom for himself and his brothers.

Galoshes, on the other hand, possesses far fewer heroic qualities. He is both strong and brave, “Surpassing all other kings, heroic In stature, brave scion of Rusk, wild bull on the rampage! ” On the other hand, though, Galoshes goes on his quest for largely selfish (but understandable) reasons. After losing his friend Unkind, he leaves In search of the secret to eternal life. He did not go on this Journey to help anyone else or fulfill his “duty,” and that Isn’t a very heroic thing to do.

Overall, I think It’s obvious that Aragua Is the more heroic character, being disciplined, selfless, dutiful and skilled. The quality that really sets him apart from Galoshes, though, is the fact that he completed his task not for his own benefit. Aragua fights against his cousins to fulfill his duty, while Galoshes goes on his quest to make himself live forever. The motivation behind each man’s Journey or struggle Is what makes one more heroic than the other, and Aragua seems to be a far more noble man.


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