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Georgia was one of the most Important In the policy of Indian removal and Its relation to the Cherokees No state wanted them out more, sent most resolutions, had hard delegation, most press about Indian removal Begins in 1802, state and fed gob. Negotiated arrangement where Georgia gives up its colonial charter claims to Alabama and Mississippi. In compensation, Georgia gets $1. 25 million, congressional agreement to assume responsibility for the legal and financial tangles left by the Yahoos grants of 1 sass’s, and a pledge that the U. S. Gob. Would acquire all land held by

Indians within the new boundaries of the state as rapidly as It could be done. Georgia immediately started doing a lottery system where they disposed the land they expected to get, this removed it as a financial temptation to corrupt another legislature, thwarted speculation schemes and created a universal enthusiasm for acquiring land from Indians that no politician could ignore But US had land treaties with Indian nations and couldn’t force them to sell, and so Georgia got mad Georgia created a very threatening atmosphere s most of the creeks left and settled In Alabama, Georgia learned they could threaten them to move out by force Cherokees

Cherokees were becoming more civilized and it threatened Georgians, they were harder to trick and understood the economy Cherokees 1827 constitution, defined the borders of the nation and said they could govern people in those borders, this was not for the people that wanted the removal Cherokee nation Included northwest corner of territory claimed by Georgia and so It blocked Georgians access to Tennessee River, which emptied Into Ohio and Mississippi.

Debate over slavery expansion that led to the Missouri compromise in 1821 revealed deep divisions over slavery in the nation Slave holders got scared that the government would go antislavery and had 2 ways to block that 1 . Replace Indians with free white voters who would increase southern reps in the house of reps 2. Embrace the principle of state sovereignty based on a strict interpretation of the constitution a.

Offered a host of possibilities, states could challenge federal claims to exclusive authority In Indian relations, extend state call and criminal Jurisdiction Into Indian country, outlaw tribal governments and confiscate tribal land. This would make Indian life horrible so they would want to sell their land Passed laws in 1828 that subjected Cherokees to


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