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As you read through the excerpts of “Beowulf,” pay careful attention to the qualities demonstrated by each character in the epic. Record your observations and evidence from the text that supports your thinking In the graphic organizers provided. Include at least five observations for each character. The notes you record will help you answer the questions during the assessment at the end of this lesson.

Part A Grenade Characteristics Text Support Hateful Then the mighty war-spirit(Grenade) endured for a season bore it(the laughter and music from the hall) he who bided(spent the time waiting ) in darkness That light- aerated laughter loud in the building greeted him daily there was dulcet(sweet, pleasing) harp-music clear song of the singer. Slaughter When the sun was sunken he set out to visit the lofty hall-building how the Ring- Danes had used It.

For beds and benches when the banquets was over. Then he found there reposing(restrung) many a noble asleep after supper sorrow heroes sorrow the heroes misery knew not-The monster of evil Greedy and cruel tarried but little, Fell and frantic, and forced from their slumbers Thirty of thane; thence he departed Leaping and laughing, his lair to return to, With surfeit of slaughter sallying homeward. Accursed The spirit accursed: too crushing that sorrow, Too loathsome and lasting.

Not longer he tarried Murder Morning-cry mighty. The man-ruler famous, The long-worthy atheling, sat very woeful, Suffered great sorrow, sighed for his alignment, When they had seen the track of the hateful pursuer, Pursuer So ruled he and strongly strove against Justification against all men, till empty powdered The choicest of houses. Long was the season: Twelve-winters’ time torture suffered The friend of the Scalding, every affliction,

Endless agony; hence it after became Certainly known to the children of men Sadly in measures, that long against Warthogs Grenade struggled:-?hills grudges he cherished, Murderous malice, many a winter, Strife unremitting Malice But one night after continued his slaughter From malice and murder; they mastered him fully. Reflection Question: What does Grenade have in common with the creatures from the Friday Night Fright Night clips? What do you think this says about the nature of monsters and fear? Part B Beowulf Kind “Hail thou, Warthogs! I am Highball’s kinsman

And vassal forsooth; many a wonder I dared as a stripling. The doings of Grenade, In far-off fatherland I fully did know of: Sea-farers tell us, this hall-building standees, Excellent edifice, empty and useless To all the Arleen after penlight’s glimmer ‘Neat heaven’s bright hues hath hidden its glory. This my earls then urged me, the most excellent of them, Cares very clever, to come and assist thee, Folk-leader Warthogs; Strong Foes I escaped from, where five I had bound, The giant-race wasted, in the waters destroying The knickers by night, bore numberless sorrows,

The Waders avenged Enemies ravaged; alone now with Grenade I shall manage the matter, with the monster of evil Smart To bear a blade or a broad-fashioned target, A shield to the onset; only with hand-grip l, too, shall disdain to use any. Reflection Question: Think about the images you saw in the “What Is a Hero? ” exercise in this lesson. What does Beowulf have in common with these heroes? Does he fit your idea of a hero? Summary Reflection: Using the characteristics you have noted for Grenade and Beowulf, compare and contrast the characteristics of monsters and heroes. Answer in


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