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The characteristics of a hero really revolve around choices. I honestly do not think that a hero needs to be beautiful or sexy or anything. I believe that a hero can be an average everyday person. Most heroes are attractive and good looking but that Is because they exist In movies and stones and are fictional. Take Galoshes, for example. He was “created by the gods” so obviously he was extremely attractive and had god like features and everyone either wanted him, or wanted to be him. But, he is a fictional character.

I think that the main characteristics that make someone a hero are courage, morality, honor, respect, they fight for the good, and they focus on the needs of others rather than their personal needs. A hero is a savior. Beowulf saved his people more than once. He saved them from Grenade, from Grenade’s mother, and from the dragon. I also think that if someone is a hero, they cannot be afraid of asking for help. 2. The decision on if a person is a hero or not is based on every individual’s opinion. I may think that someone is a hero, while someone else may think that my pollen is completely ridiculous.

For example, I would say that my real life heroes are One Direction. Normal people think that’s ridiculous because they are “Just some stupid boy band. ” When actually, they are the only reason I am ever happy. They are the only reason I smile sometimes. They basically saved me from depression; therefore, they are my saviors, my heroes. So, like I said, it’s the individual that decides if someone is a hero. 3. It is hard to answer the question of whether or not heroes are made or created. I think that if it is a real life person then they were created my God, and they have things that make them who they are.

But, if it’s a fictional character like Beowulf or Galoshes, then they were created by the author’s imagination. 4. Again, heroes are subjective. This means that whether or not a hero is human is also subjective. A five year old might have something like the Transformers as their hero, but as an adult, you know that transformers are not even real, let alone human. 5. Villains exist because every hero needs something to fight against. A hero cannot save anyone If there Is nothing to fight. 6. What distinguishes someone as a villain rather than a hero Is what they are fighting for.

If they are fighting for everything that is wrong and bad, then they are a villain. Every decision that a villain makes is selfish, and only helps them, no matter who or what they destroy in order to get what they want. 7. Three examples of heroes are Beowulf, Galoshes, and Achilles. Beowulf is a hero because he risks his own life for his people and is so willing to save them. He has no regrets about his choices to fight Grenade, Grenade’s mother, and the dragon. He was courageous and he made the right choices so that his people would be safe.

Galoshes is a hero because, even though in the beginning e was not courageous, he did not make the right choices, and he was not even respectful, he did end up changing his ways. He did make the right choices In the end. He fought Humbly so his people would have some confidence In themselves, and so they would not be scared to stand up for themselves. He was being a good example by fighting Humbly, which Is a heroic thing to do, He also fought the bull that Sister unleashed on his city and he killed it, saving his people. Achilles is a hero that is a very heroic thing to do because he was fighting passionately for something he loved. . Three examples of villains are Grenade, Sister, and for the sake of a third example, Hector, from the Iliad. Grenade is the villain in Beowulf because he is a monster that eats the people from King Hoarder’s kingdom. He eats the warriors and the citizens, and he causes terror for a whole seven years. 9. Sister is one of the villains in Galoshes because she unleashes a bull onto Galoshes and she kills Unkind Just because Galoshes said that he will not marry her. I said that Hector is the villain in the Iliad because he killed Achilles’ cousin and didn’t give him a proper, respectful burial.

That is the reason that Achilles is fighting him, and trying to kill him. In my personal opinion, there are no villains in the Iliad. Everyone is fighting for their own people, and for their own causes. 10. If I was interviewing a hero I would want to ask them what they personally think is their motivation, if they resent that they are a “hero” or the person that made them a hero, and if they believe their people would survive without their hero. If I was interviewing a villain I would want to ask them what their motivation is as well, what they think makes/made them evil, and if they could, would they be a hero as well.


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